ScanPath - Intelligent document scanning, follow-print & workflow

Cleaning, format conversion, data extraction & routing


ScanPath – key feature overview

  • scan and capture of any document
  • conversion to various readable formats
  • OCR extracts data from document content
  • 30 languages supported
  • sends the document and data to where you need it
  • browse to folder destination from MFP panel
  • advanced workflow enables complete automation
  • clean up: despeckle, deskew, align, remove borders etc.
  • barcode cover sheets enable fast, volume batch scanning
  • overlay Bates stamps of text, numerics, date or time
ScanPath format conversion

Document format conversion options


  • Microsoft Word – supports frames and paragraphs
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • XPS
  • PDF/A, PDF image & searchable PDF
  • TIFF and JPEG
ScanPath routing options

Document routing options

  • Network folder: fixed destination or browse from MFP panel
  • Email: SMTP or Exchange/Exchange 365
  • SharePoint/SharePoint 365
  • Print
  • FTP



Cloud Services – output options:

  • GoogleDrive
  • OneDrive / SkyDrive
  • Office 365
  • DropBox
  • Evernote
  • Picasa
  • Box

ScanPath language supportOCR – Optical Character Recognition 

Full page or zonal OCR enables accurate conversion and full text search on document content. Data can also be extracted selectively, reviewed, verified, updated and integrated with other applications and databases.


Multi-language support

  • 20 user interface languages supported
  • 30 languages selectable for OCR translation

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, British, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Portugese, Brazilian, Galican, Icelandic, Greek, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Croation, Serbian, Slovenian, Luxembourg, Finnish, Turkish, Russian, Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Catalan, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Basque, Breton, Corsican, Frisian, Nynorsk, Faroese, Kurdish, Manx, Serbian Latin, Latin, Latvian, Esperanto, Maltese, Asturian, Azeri Latin, Tatar Latin, Turkmen Latin, Welsh, Mexican, Bosnian Latin, Bosnian Cyrillic, Moldovan, Swiss German, Kazakh Cyrillic, Mongolian Cyrillic, Uzbek Latin, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

ScanPath document cleaning

Document cleaning

  • Adjust Image colour, brightness, contrast and gamma
  • Convert to negative, grayscale or 1 Bit
  • Image crop, resize or scale
  • Rotate, de-skew and de-speckle
  • Remove white space and borders
Barcode cover sheet

Barcode Cover Sheets

for fast automated batch processing

Automatic processing of batches of documents can be triggered using barcode cover sheets.


Configure your workflow, print your bar code cover sheet and then scan it with all your documents behind it – the process you’ve defined is then executed automatically for every document.

ScanPath Bates Stamp

Bates Stamping & Overlays

Scanning documents can be overlayed with customisable “stamps” – for example, for legal use, Bates Stamping is supported.


You can configure stamps with fixed information and sequential numbering as well as variable data such as date and time.


The configured stamp can then be applied when the document is scanned and filed. 


Manufacturers’ support for embedded

Altman IM’s scanning solution works as an embedded software software module on many leading vendors multi-functional devices including Konica Minolta, Develop, Sharp, Samsung, Kyocera, Xerox and Canon … and others coming soon.


 Embedded vendor logos for ScanPath



Scan from anywhere

You don’t need embedded software to benefit from most of the solution’s capabilities.


Any scanner can send a PDF or TIFF formatted file to a specified folder - that file can then be automatically input to the OCR, conversion, routing and advanced workflow processes available in all our solutions.

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Where do our solutions fit in most organisations?

Altman IM solutions fit

Anywhere there are processes that involve any of the following issues, then we can help:


  • managing paper and/or electronic documents?
  • time spent checking, correcting and updating documents?
  • extracting document data for input into other systems?
  • waiting for others to review, acknowledge or authorise?
  • inconsistency of execution and quality control
  • security of access and privacy concerns?


We can help automate processes which increase speed, accuracy and productivity in most organisations.


Examples of use

Challenge us to automate your processes

In which industry sectors do our solutions fit?

        • General commerce, business and support services
        • Manufacturing
        • Retail
        • Distribution & logistics
        • Healthcare & Pharmacy
        • Professional services: Legal, Accountancy, AEC
        • Public sector: Government, Health, Education
        • Financial services and Insurance


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