Variable data output management

DocForm - Personalised transactional & promotional production output management

DocForm is the ultimate eForms and variable data management toolkit

A single application for managing variable data sources for any type and size of organisation

Easily create e-forms, templates and documents, merge and overlay with any of your data sources

 Supports integrated production printing and cross-media communications

Define advanced workflow to enable intelligent automation and choose from multiple output options



Variable data cross-media output

Variable data print management

Key feature overview


  • Easy creation of documents, eforms and templates
  • Flexible template and forms designer interface
  • Merge and overlay templates with your own data
  • Conditional processing and advanced workflow
  • Multiple output options such as print, email, SMS
  • Scales for high volume production print environments
  • Supports personalised transactional & promotional output
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Variable data, high volume production print output

Statements – booklets – notices – postcards – mailshots – mass personalised communications and more

Transactional, promotional and trans-promotional print output management


Variable data production print output


Cross-media personalised communications


Personalised PDFS, HTML emails, Personal URLs (PURLs), SMS text messages


Output to SharePoint and integration with DirectSmile


DocForm variable data print output


DirectSmile integration


DocForm Directsmile integration

DocForm advanced workflow

Apply advanced workflow to your variable data output for intelligent automation

Extract and examine data from document and input sources


Vary routing, processing & output based on data content


Automate requests to review, approve and for signatures


Trigger one or multiple outputs such as

SMS or data for web site publishing 

DocForm server

Advanced variable data print management options


Integration options with postal certification systems in the UK, USA and Canada


Support for multi-server environments


Server load balancing


Backup, testing and redundancy server options 


Where do our solutions fit in most organisations?

Altman IM solutions fit

Anywhere there are processes that involve any of the following issues, then we can help:


  • managing paper and/or electronic documents?
  • time spent checking, correcting and updating documents?
  • extracting document data for input into other systems?
  • waiting for others to review, acknowledge or authorise?
  • inconsistency of execution and quality control
  • security of access and privacy concerns?


We can help automate processes which increase speed, accuracy and productivity in most organisations.


Examples of use

Challenge us to automate your processes

In which industry sectors do our solutions fit?

        • General commerce, business and support services
        • Manufacturing
        • Retail
        • Distribution & logistics
        • Healthcare & Pharmacy
        • Professional services: Legal, Accountancy, AEC
        • Public sector: Government, Health, Education
        • Financial services and Insurance


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