DocSystem - advanced document, print & data workflow

DocSystem – the ultimate workflow software toolkit

Process workflow 

Prism Software’s DocSystem workflow toolkit provides powerful functions to enable automation of document-centric, print-centric and process-centric workflows. The software works standalone or as integrated toolset for end-to-end document process automation. The tools can be used as the “glue” for other disparate scanning, document management and database systems.


By replacing manual, paper-based document processing with automated electronic document (eDocument) processing and workflow, you will improve efficiency, eliminate labour-intensive processing, and save money by reducing processing costs.


Automatic and instant electronic routing to individuals enable review, mark-up, change, approval and electronic signatures. Once an action is taken, the document can be automatically forwarded to others, notifications sent and routed for printing, email, text, fax or to other back-end databases.

 Altman IM DocSystem advanced workflow automation

Complete workflow flexibility

The DocSystem workflow toolkit provides complete flexibility for process automation. Inputs can be taken from files, databases, printers, IP sockets, FTP, scanners/MFPs as well as our own ScanPath, DocRecord and DocForm.


Workflow agents on user client PCs enable user interaction and input such as review, approval and sign-off. The solution can provide output to anywhere required – file, database, email, printer, Web, FTP and other applications.


Advanced workflow development toolkit


The DocSystem workflow toolkit provides a vast range of capabilities to enable any process to be automated – from the most simple to sophisticated and complex. 

DocSystem workflow detail

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Altman IM DocSystem process editor

Flexible workflow process editor


The DocSystem workflow editor provides flexible drag & drop capabilities allowing you to build simple or complex workflows to automate any business or document process.


You can build complete workflows from scratch or customise/configure existing templates. Various common process sub-routine processes are available and you can build your own library and intellectual property of unique processes.

Altman IM DocSystem expression editor

Workflow expressions, fields and variables


With the DocSystem expression editor you use Boolean logic operators to interrogate, test and modify:


  • Expressions
  • Job context-relevant fields
  • Local variables
  • Global variables
ScanPath document cleaning

Document cleaning

  • Adjust Image colour, brightness, contrast and gamma
  • Convert to negative, grayscale or 1 Bit
  • Image crop, resize or scale
  • Rotate, de-skew and de-speckle
  • Remove white space and borders

Ultimate scope and flexibility for custom workflow development


The DocSystem workflow toolkit enables access to a vast range of variables to enable any document, print, image or data process to be automated -  whether simple, sophisticated or complex.


DocSystem workflow variables

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Where do our solutions fit in most organisations?

Altman IM solutions fit

Anywhere there are processes that involve any of the following issues, then we can help:


  • managing paper and/or electronic documents?
  • time spent checking, correcting and updating documents?
  • extracting document data for input into other systems?
  • waiting for others to review, acknowledge or authorise?
  • inconsistency of execution and quality control
  • security of access and privacy concerns?


We can help automate processes which increase speed, accuracy and productivity in most organisations.


Examples of use

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In which industry sectors do our solutions fit?

        • General commerce, business and support services
        • Manufacturing
        • Retail
        • Distribution & logistics
        • Healthcare & Pharmacy
        • Professional services: Legal, Accountancy, AEC
        • Public sector: Government, Health, Education
        • Financial services and Insurance


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