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Advanced data capture with workflow

Prism Capture receives single or batched documents from many sources including scanner, MFP, email, print stream, network or desktop. It then automatically identifies each document type and extracts the data you want. The extracted data is then either automatically sent to a line-of-business (LOB) application, SharePoint, network folder, or presented to a user for verification via Prism WorkPath or PRISM DocRecord.

The ease of use, power and accuracy of PRISM Capture has revolutionised processes in our finance department.

Finance Director, Manufacturing

Eliminate manual data entry

Easily and intelligently perform the task of extracting multiple data fields and line items from documents – such as purchase and sales orders, invoices, statements, shipping and HR documents – to send automatically to other line of business applications.

Trigger capture processes from many different sources

Prism Capture lets you easily configure one or many inputs. Receive single, batch documents or simply index data (xml, csv, txt) from scans, files, emails, prints either in real-time or on a scheduled basis.

Create powerful 'Smart Templates' 

Smart Templates allow document information (metadata) to be automatically and dynamically recognized and extracted based on known text triggers - such as the words “Total” or “Customer” - or on data patterns within a given document type such as an invoice or order. This automatic recognition eliminates the need to create numerous zonal-based templates for these documents.

Prism Capture is different

Prism Capture is a low cost server-based application that automates document processing. Prism Capture features a powerful workflow capability that enables automated processing of the extracted data and documents.

  • Integrated Workflow

  • Lower Cost

  • Much easier to set up and use

  • Multiple data extraction methods including "Smart Templates"

  • Easy to "train for template modifications

  • Integrates with PRISM WorkPath

  • Quickly configured to 3rd party line-of-business application

Additional Capture features

WorkPath Process Server Bundle

The WorkPath Process Server (WPPS) is ideal for organisations needing to fully automate their document processing and workflows. It eliminates both manual document processes and manual triggering of automated processes. Automated  input triggers include watching network folders, email, print queues, FTP and more. WPPS also allows WorkPath (Desktop) users to easily share with others their custom and unique document processes. This enables process standardisation, thereby eliminating processing errors, throughout a department. Create your processes in WorkPath Desktop, export them and import them to WPPS. WPPS is a stand-alone application but can also be used in conjunction with the WorkPath desktop application.

Additional features


Automatically separate and send documents and metadata to Microsoft SharePoint

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