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Altman IM work with a range of channel partners to help deliver and implement solutions effectively. We welcome dialogue If you are a printer manufacturer, distributor, dealer, IT service provider, independent business or IT consultant  and are interested in adding Altman IM’s document workflow technologies to your portfolio.

Partners will receive the necessary resources and support appropriate to the scale of their operation. Channel partners can choose their level of commitment ranging from minimal involvement (basic lead generation and opportunistic business) through to full scale marketing, sales, implementation and professional service delivery.

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Altman IM’s document workflow solutions provide an ideal complement to partners who deliver print, copy and business solutions and IT services.

Our scan, capture and document workflow solutions add unique value and ensure customer retention for the long term. Software is low cost, simple to implement and doesn’t lengthen or increase the complexity of the sales cycle.

Advanced workflow solutions enable custom-fitted solutions to align exactly with your customers’ requirements. Workflow, even If not deployed initially gives peace of mind as  an attractive option for future implementation and provides future proofing for your customers.

The addition of simple solutions with the potential for more complex configuration when it’s needed offers the perfect revenue stream for partners. Our technologies help you increase sales revenue in the short term and offers upsell potential during the lifetime of contracts.  The result is more new business and maximum retention helping eliminate customer churn.

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  • Solution and technical skills

  • Market knowledge

  • Presentations, webinars, literature and documentation

  • Technical and Sales training

  • Pre and Post sales support

  • Professional services delivery and support

  • Evaluation support and proof of concept

  • Availability and responsiveness

  • Seeking to understand

  • Motivated to make things better

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