Altman IM Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are small data files that are added to your computer and any other device you use to browse the web. Cookies allow us to remember your preferences when you visit our website.


What Information do cookies collect?

There are many different types of cookie, the cookies we use on our website allow us to recognise you as a past user of the site and also collect information about the pages you view. We don’t collect personal information using cookies and any information we collect about the journey you take on the site is anonymous.


Who sets the cookies?

Cookies placed on your computer while visiting are website are done so by Company Name and our suppliers. Other third parties who will set cookies when visiting our website include Google and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


What are cookies used for?

The main purposes for which cookies are used are:-

  • For technical purposes to assist in the effective operation of the website, particularly in relation to on-line transactions.

  • To enable Altman Information Management Ltd to collect information about the browsing and shopping habits of our customers and to help us continually improve our services.


How do I disable cookies?

You can manually disable cookies in your web browser, how to do this varies depending on the browser you use. A simple explanation of how you can do this in three popular browsers is below.


Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Choose the menu “tools” then “Internet Options’’

  • Click on the “privacy” tab

  • Select the setting the appropriate setting


For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Choose the menu “tools” then “Options”

  • Click on the icon “privacy”

  • Find the menu “cookie” and select the relevant options


For Google Chrome

  • Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.

  • Select Settings.

  • Click Show advanced settings.

  • In the “Privacy” section, click the Content settings button.





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