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Industry: Transport

Delivery note automation



A busy haulage operation needed to streamline the processing of large volumes of paper delivery notes arriving in to the organisation every day.


Requirements Summary

  • Automate the processing of between 850 - 1450 paper transport documents per day

  • Support recognition of delivery note documents from over fifty different suppliers

  • Scan output format should be conversion to text searchable PDF documents

  • Provide a powerful search and retrieval method

  • Integrate with the line of business (LOB) transport application

White Minibuses


PRISM DocRecord suite receives the scanned delivery notes and initially separates them. Once separated the system attempts to identify the supplier and apply the correct template to extract the delivery note number. The extracted number is checked against the LOB transport application database. If a match is found the delivery note is indexed and filed in DocRecord and no manual intervention is required. If no match is found the DocRecord client application allows the operator to easily batch index the remaining delivery notes.


The DocRecord workflow updates the LOB transport application to flag receipt of every delivery note and write the delivery note file path to the database. Operatives and customers are then able to view the delivery note from the LOB transport applications web viewer from anywhere in the world.


Operators can also perform more detailed searches when required from within the DocRecord client, including a full text search on any text on any of the transport documents.


Outcomes & Benefits

  • Convenient, fast and easy  process to digitise transport documents

  • Automatically extracts over 85% of delivery note numbers (previous system managed only 45%)

  • Integrates with the customers LOB transport application

  • Outputs accurate text searchable documents

  • Powerful search ensures that delivery notes are easy for users to retrieve

  • Scalable, the system can cope with large increases in delivery note documents



DocRecord Suite

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