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Industry: Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

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A large firm with many users providing consultancy services to the construction industry. The organisation has multiple offices and a private cloud IT infrastructure and its users receive large volumes of ad-hoc paper based documents which require scanning.


Requirements Summary


  • Enable users to scan documents from any MFD at any office

  • Allow users to scan to their own email address or select another user

  • Provide an easy and quick process avoiding the need to type email addresses

  • Scan output format should be selectable and include conversion to text searchable documents

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PRISM ScanPath Server software is installed on the organisations print server and the ScanPath embedded connector software is deployed to the panel of each MFD. Users login to the MFDs using an ID card and select either 'Scan to Me' or 'Scan to Email'. They have the option to choose the output format including 'Searchable PDF' and 'Microsoft Word' and can give the document a preferred name or accept the MFD default. The login is single sign-in via a 3rd party print application which ensures that ScanPath already knows their own email address. Users can perform a live lookup to the organisations user directory if wanting to scan to a colleague instead. Once the user is ready to scan they press the start button and the ScanPath server then quickly processes the request.


Outcomes & Benefits


  • Convenient, fast and easy for users to digitise paper documents

  • Outputs accurate text searchable documents ensuring

  • Information is easier for users to find, share and respond to

  • Compatible with multi-office private cloud IT infrastructure



PRISM ScanPath Suite

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