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Industry: Procurement



UK Firm SAVES 500 hours per month in staff time by moving to PRISM DocRecord



Paper based back to back order process and filing system

Labour intensive

Many documents printed which were already electronic including emails

Emails make up a large percentage of the documents that needed organising and filing

Volume of paper rise dramatically along with the associated costs of printing, handling and storage management

Offices in two different countries


Pocket Watch in Hand


All documents and correspondence are stored electronically and organised for each order

Fully text-searchable

Accessible by all staff that require access in both countries

Standardised documents are recognised and indexed automatically

Capture, recognition and automatic storage of standard documents printed by their ERP system

Indexing non-standard documents is quick and easy

Printing less and storing less paper



Much easier for staff when covering other team members orders

No longer need to forward copies of emails around the office (everyone has access to the original emails and can open in Outlook and reply directly)

Managers can track the progress of orders and quickly see the status

Reclaiming valuable storage space

More accurate, consistent capture, naming and storage and consequently less hunting for difficult to find or missing paperwork

Centralised system for multiple offices


The hardest part of the project was the period when staff were running the new electronic process in parallel with the paper process to pick up the minor adjustments before going fully live.


DocRecord is now a critical part of the Tata operation with up to 1000 documents a day being added to the system and providing the platform for future ehancements and workflows.



PRISM DocRecord Suite

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