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Official Pcounter UK & Ireland Distributor

We are pleased to announce that Altman IM, have been appointed as distributors for Pcounter, Pcounter Europe and a number of related software solutions for the UK & Ireland territory.

Sadly, the previous representatives, AIT Ltd, recently ceased trading leaving customers with obvious concerns. Please be assured however, we are keen to try and help all Pcounter customers and partners, in good faith, and without charge, at least in the short term.

At this point there is only sparse information on AIT’s customers available. We are asking all partners and customers to register their details with us, and confirm the products being used, along with maintenance dates, to enable us to provide continuation of service.

Please email

We are offering email technical support backed up by developer level involvement as needed. The Pcounter core software, most embedded solutions and a number of additional options are still actively developed and supported worldwide.

Licensing and professional services for Pcounter and many related solutions is available too. Our other specialisation is document data extraction, management and workflow automation which helps deliver even more dramatic savings in efficiency, time-savings and accuracy for virtually any business or document process.

Altman IM would welcome the chance to help you and your colleagues in any way possible - please get in touch if you would like any more information or request a call back.

We are looking forward to re-stablishing contact with all Pcounter partners and customers and helping with any current issues or requirements.


Altman IM, more information

Sam Lindley and Mark Altman are partners in the Altman IM business, having originally worked at AIT, over 5 years ago, where they were instrumental in helping Pcounter become the number one solution in UK further and higher education sites. Chris Terrington, formerly a senior member of AIT’s technical team, has been a recent addition to Altman IM and is one of the leading technical experts on Pcounter and related solutions.

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