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Pcounter Mobile Free

We want to give you a free of charge version of Pcounter Mobile to help you and your clients as long we have this global situation. This free version will securely release print jobs on any MFD or printer connected using a mobile device...

Along with our development partners, we are organised to continue support and development and remain available to assist you when needed.

This is a response to requests to support colleagues working off-site who want to avoid using MFP / Printer panels (touchpads) and other shared hardware, but still sometimes need to print documents securely.

This new development enables the use of a mobile device to scan a QR code on any type of printer to trigger the secure release of printing.

Pcounter Mobile also enables users to release documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud etc. - documents from the MS Office suite, pdf files and many more are supported.

Pcounter print job tracking, control, accounting and reporting features will continue to work as normal.

This is working so well that the developers are offering Pcounter Mobile free of charge, during the current lockdown period. This free version will release print jobs and allow you and your clients to work in the same way as us. The set up and configuration is simple and user friendly, all configuration and setup is done by Pcounter Europe via Altman IM for UK and Ireland customers, free of charge (this includes a small utility, called "Pcounter Cloud Connect" installed on the local Pcounter data server).

We want to support new working practices and help maintain access to required secure output even as colleagues are working off premises. We may be in isolation and socially distancing but these new Pcounter solutions can help support the changes to our working patterns.

If you want to know more about the Pcounter Mobile free offer, please contact us and we will take care of the installation and setup - all without charging you or your client.

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