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Advanced Scanning Capabilities for MFPs & Scanners

PRISM ScanPath

Add ScanPath MFP panel integration to enhance automation processes in PRISM WorkPath, Capture and DocRecord.

Create custom scan-to buttons which enables integration with virtually any document workflows and third-party applications.

Request user input at the MFP panel including database linked fields which allow search and selection of existing lists eliminating typos.

  • Integrates with leading MFP manufacturers

  • Publish input data fields at the MFP panel 

  • Create user, group and MFP profiles

  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365

  • Scan directly to Email, SharePoint and OneDrive

  • Scan to Google Drive, Dropbox and others

  • Convert to PDF, PDF/A, Word, Excel & PowerPoint with full-text searchable OCR

  • Localised interface in multiple languages

Process files automatically from a "watch" folder or via connector software running on your MFP

ScanPath works as an integrated software connector compatible with many leading vendors multi-functional devices.


However, you don’t always need integrated software to benefit from most of our solution’s capabilities.

Any MFP or scanner can send a PDF or TIFF formatted file to a specified folder - that file can then be automatically input to the OCR, conversion, routing and advanced workflow processes.

Scan Directly to DocRecord Folders

ScanPath is able to scan into DocRecord, Prism’s all-inclusive, low cost electronic content management system. Users scan to a dedicated watch-folder where DocRecord picks up the document and automatically extracts line-item data and then names, routes, indexes and files it. This is ideal for organisations that bulk scan documents and require their automated data extraction and filing.

View Additional  List of Features

ScanPath replaces manual document processing, with automated processing, and provides the advanced scanning and capture features not found on MFPs.

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