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Are your customers getting something smelly for Christmas?

When it comes to choosing a gift for your customers do you follow the same thinking as you did when buying for your parents?

I.E. aftershave or socks for Dad and perfume for Mum?

In the business world, the equivalent is often drink or food related … but there’s still something smelly about it.

It’s a stale smell, caused by a lack of thought and originality.

And in many cases it might not be appropriate for the recipient unless you’ve done your research.

For example, are you sure who likes whisky, wine or perhaps some nice local beer?  And, if chocolate is going to blow their daily calorie target!

Another problem is that some companies might take a dim view of anything that could be seen as an inducement to their staff.

So, how about taking a different, innovative approach and give the whole company a gift instead?

Something that will benefit the individuals with whom you have a relationship, but also the whole company.

Taking this approach will increase your visibility and credibility in your customers' organisation.

The knock-on effect is more business for the long term and your contacts’ reputation is enhanced as they share in the credit.

Now, what would any company want?

We suggest giving any department in any company the capability to increase their efficiency by automating their routine daily processes.

This means taking away handling of paper, processing email attachments, checking, verifying and extracting data, updating other systems or perhaps waiting for others to do something.

How much time could be saved if they could remove all the wasted effort and get things right first time?

The answer is generally massive ... huge!  Far greater than any investment that might be needed ... and if in doubt, we can show you the ROI calculation to prove it.

We already offer various workflow automation solutions that enable automation of any process from simple to complex, but in the new year we will have something new to show you.

We’re going to be launching a new graphical tool that enables your professional service team or even the end user’s own business analysts to use.

Our experience is that even though our technology has been at the leading edge for some time, partners and customers really need tools they can use easily themselves to adjust and fine tune process automation day by day.

Now we're on the point of delivering this for you and your customers.

If you’d be interested in finding out more, we'll be arranging consultations, demos and proof of concepts in the new year.

Please get in touch with me or Sam Lindley if you'd like to learn how this will add value for you and your customers.

Until then, have a great paper-free Christmas and a healthy, happy and efficient New Year!

Mark Altman


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