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The next stage of print cost savings

Many organisations have already achieved good savings from implementing measures such as … - Enforcing double-sided printing - Stopping colour and enforcing mono printing - Follow-printing – secure release of print output when requested  All the above can produce significant savings but there’s a way to go beyond this. A big hidden cost of “printing” is the processing of documents. Automating the processing of documents, often before they even need to be printed, can produce vast savings. The savings go way beyond the consumable costs of ink/toner and paper. You can now save the most valuable of commodities – people’s time. In most organisations, so much time is taken up checking documents, correcting information, retyping data and passing paper or emailing attachments around. Automating manual document processing will also deliver significant increases in accuracy, quality and speed. Solutions are now available that automate paper and electronic document processing – from the simple to highly complex. For example, something simple like automatically recognising and distributing inbound documents to the right people. Or, automating processing of supplier invoices which might involve matching to a purchase order, updating your accounts system and passing the documents to the right person for approval. Solutions are now available that can be customised exactly for different requirements - yet still affordable for all sizes and types of organisation. Can you can identify document inefficiency in your organisation? If so, we'd like to hear more - perhaps you'd like to challenge us to automate one of your processes as a proof of concept?

Mark Altman


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