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What is the best job in the world?

What job would you think is the best job in the world?

From recent holiday experiences I’d say being a weather forecaster in Portugal must come close.

I can say with confidence each day will bring blue skies, no clouds, no rain and temperatures between 30 and 38 degrees, with a chance of a slight breeze perhaps every 3rd day. Outside of the summer months, I just adjust the temperature downwards a little, and perhaps every third month predict a slight chance of rain.

Then, with my vast amount of free time, I can enjoy the wonderful climate, the beaches, the sea, the golf courses, the Piri-Piri chicken, fresh fish and the delightful local beer and wine.

Now back to earth for a moment, for those of us who are located in less sun-basked areas of Europe, there are other choices for the best type of job.

My vote would go for business analyst … a surprising choice you might think, given the problems of getting organisations to change to achieve higher levels of efficiency and cost savings.

However, the principle is still sound – like with the weather forecasting, we just need a reliable foundation and established templates to work from.

Looking at an organisation’s processes and figuring out a way to do this is an extremely satisfying role. The organisation, the staff and stakeholders all benefit. A great result, where everyone wins.

The main issue comes with not having the right business tools to make the change easy for the organisation and the people who use it … the usual compromises come into play, so that any “automation” isn’t quite as automatic as it should be.

So the challenge is more about using the right tools, so the business analyst just has to make the decision on what is needed – i.e. produce a specification.

Using the right tools to create automated workflows, any business process can be automated with any level of complexity.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful job to have?

If you’d like to deliver that type of solution for your customers, please drop me a line and perhaps we can discuss some examples.

Mark Altman


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