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The difference between Paperless and Paper-Less

Paperless is a term used to describe a paper-free environment.

A term that strikes fear into the heart of anyone who depends on the usage of paper for their livelihood.

So if you’re involved in selling copiers, printers, toner, ink and/or managed print services, that means you!

However, the real meaning of paperless is better understood by saying Paper-Less.

I.E. Reducing the use of paper – not eliminating it completely.

Paper is still a very convenient medium in many, many areas of business and personal life – so why get rid of it?

As well as environmental concerns, the key tangible issue for most organisations is the massive cost of managing paper and processing both paper and electronic documents.

Lots of staff are still involved in handling documents, filing, searching, checking for accuracy and extracting information for communication or updating of other systems.

We may be still a long way of a paper-free environment, but Paper-Less environments are achievable right now using leading-edge, affordable technology.

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