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New Pcounter Konica Minolta Embedded 4.1.2

We're happy to announce the release of new Pcounter embedded for Konica Minolta, version 4.1.2 This is a new minor version with the following new features, updates and fixes.

Improved features:

  • The Super User credentials in the scan server settings will now be verified against the AD when they are created or modified

  • Debug logging has been improved across several areas of the application.


  • Fixed problem where the MPF displays “Please use 'Pcounter Auth' to authenticate user" when starting the PCE Scan or Pull Print web. (bh4050 / bhC3850 series)

  • Fixed problem where Pcounter embedded allocates high system memory resources if a large number of email addresses will be imported from the AD.

Please refer to internal Konica Minolta release notes for further technical information, notes and requirements for this new version.


#managedprintservices #MPS #printmanagement

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