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New Pcounter Xauditron 2015.03.23

We're happy to announce the release of new Pcounter Xauditron, version 2015.03.23

This is a major new version, including :

New features:

  • Added improved LDAP authentication support.

  • Added delegate print release.

  • Added ask for password with card swipe option.

  • PCXAConfig - Added discover printers option.

  • PCXAConfig - Disabling Secure Access now unlocks the pathways as well.

  • CXAConfig - Added option to discover printers on the network.

  • Scan server - Remote server access account can now be used as service login account. (Sometimes this is necessary.

  • If client code app runs at login and client code associations are enforced, it will automatically continue to login if the user has only one code assigned.


  • Fixed problem with multiple button presses on the print release app causing overlapped requests and undefined behavior.

  • Fixed problem with strict accounting where user balances might go below the limit.

  • Fixed problem where the admin login might not be accepted.

  • Fixed problem with configuration scripting new Color Cxx devices.

  • Fixed problem where users could logoff before jobs could be released properly by the EIP app.

  • Fixed problem where consecutuve card swipes could confuse the printer if swipe to logout was enabled.

  • PCXAConfig - Fixed problem with authentication test not handling id number tests properly.

  • Fixed problem where swipe to logout might cause an error message on the printer display.

  • Fixed problem where client code app would display en error message if set to login with new code.

  • Input from barcode scanners is now handled properly.

Download the latest version from the Help Center. Before updating make sure that your installation has valid maintenance.



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