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Why don't your customers trust you?

Trust is about certainty, belief and faith, which together breeds confidence.

To earn trust, suppliers have to align their actions with their customers' needs.

They have to deliver products/services consistently and preferably beyond their customers' expectations.

Unfortunately, customers sometimes may perceive a conflict of interest ... and this is often easy to see why. Take for example, suppliers of copiers and managed print services ... the customer wants to save money by reducing paper usage, yet the supplier will make more money by them printing and copying more.

To some this seems like letting the local fox run the security for the hen-house!

But there is a way to achieve for trust to be built alongside a win-win outcome.

A big piece of the cost-saving puzzle is the processing of documents – this is where suppliers of copiers, print and IT services can truly align their products and services with the needs of their customers.

Many organisations (including your customers) spend lots of staff time on handling and processing both paper and electronic documents.

This will usually include checking information is correct, extracting key data, updating other systems, distributing documents and approving actions.

The time wasted on such activities can be considerable.

Also, staff are often distracted from their main role and purpose – and human error naturally leads to errors and inconsistent quality.

The total cost to an organisation is often intangible – and as such, perhaps sometimes accepted as the norm.

Yet, even without detailed analysis of the problem, instincts tell us the cost is huge.

Automation of document processing is now achievable – whereas once it was perceived as too difficult and/or too expensive.

More and more small and medium sized organisations are having to focus on efficiency savings to ensure long-term survival - the market for such solutions is set to expand rapidly.

Effective solutions are now affordable for all types and sizes of organisation - and can be customised to ensure complete automation without compromise.

Delivering this type of solution is a great way that suppliers can build trust which leads directly to increased levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

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Mark Altman


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